Finding customers starts with figuring out who your ideal customer is. Spraying and praying don’t work for anybody — you need to make sure you’re spreading the word to the right people.

Craft an idea of what your target customers look like, what they do, and where they spend time online by building your buyer personas. This free guide will walk you through the process and provide customizable templates to fill out and create representations of your ideal customers.

Creating very specific templates can dramatically improve your business results. Once you’ve built your personas, you can begin creating content that caters specifically to your target demographic and shares it in the channels you know they’re in, with the messages you know they care about.

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There are many ways to spread brand awareness, but the three I’ll touch on here are PR, co-marketing, and creating a website for your business.

PR: Public relations is less about paying for a spot in a news blog and more about focusing your voice and finding your place in the market. I recommend reading this great post from FirstRound Capital on what startups and small businesses often get wrong about PR. The piece also includes some tactical tips on how to figure out who’s covering your industry, building relationships, and working with reporters.

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Co-marketing: Partnering with another business will help you inherit some of their image and reputation and create brand evangelists outside your circle. It’s a fantastic way to gain a large volume of new contacts alongside your organic marketing efforts. You can read our ebook on how to get started with co-marketing for more helpful information.

Website: Running a consistent, high-quality website will also help you build brand awareness. Not only does a blog help drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads, but it also enables you to establish authority in your industry and trust among your prospects. It’ll also help you build an email list, which brings us to our next point…


To achieve true customer delight so that your customers become promoters of your business, you must surpass expectations and deliver an unmatched experience.

It takes work to continue solving for your customer in a way that turns them into raving fans. Here are some steps to get you in the right mindset:

Understand why your customers chose you and what they need
Set concrete expectations at the start of the engagement
Deliver on those expectations (and satisfy your customers’ needs)
Innovate how you can provide unexpected extras that go above and beyond
Continue to measure satisfaction and improve the customer experience
When you understand your customers’ needs, expectations, and cater to their desires, it will pay off, as you will reduce customer churn and instead inspire loyalty.

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